Tuesday, January 16, 2018

We're Halfway Through

According to those who should know, we're half-way through the winter here in the Midwest.  You wouldn't know it by the temperatures and wind chill values recently.  It seems as though winter is here to stay and will never end.  I've heard (from younger folks) phrases like, "I've never seen it this cold".  Well, they just haven't been around Nebraska all their lives like some of us older folks have.  We used to have blizzards with drifts up to 6 feet tall, miserable winds, and devastating tornadoes.  It's just a matter of time until we get one of those years again.  Thankfully, we are not living in the northern most part of the Soviet Union, where they finally called off school because the air temperature was 88 degrees below zero today.  (Everything below -40 is just a bonus, I guess.)  How could you even survive for a few minutes in that kind of cold?  I'm ready for spring, in fact, I was ready for spring last week.  I know warmer weather will come, it always does, but I'm just plain tired of this weather and dreaming of fishing on a boat on the lake again. I should go through my tackle box while I'm waiting. ~JN

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