Wednesday, January 31, 2018

I Think Dogs Are Spies

I think dogs are spies.  I don't know who exactly they are working for, but they are always watching me.  We have one dog named Rusty.  He's a Boxador, meaning he has a boxer front end and a Lab back end.  He follows me all around.  If he's not following me, he comes over and lies down in a location so he can watch me.  Even if his eyes are half closed, he's listening intently to whatever I do.

We used to have two cats, a brother and sister.  They don't care what a person does, unless I'm opening a tuna can, then they are all ears.  I don't think cats are spying on me.

The dog, he's always watching.  I'd like to know who he is reporting back to.  Not that I'm doing anything criminal.  I think whatever the dog tells his handlers is often pretty boring.  I'd just like to know how much the dog is getting paid and what exactly is he telling whoever it is that he's talking to.  The dog is home alone most of the day, so anyone could come to the door and get the lowdown on me and I'd never know it. (On the other hand, he's a fierce protector of the house and would bite anyone who he didn't know.)  Some day maybe I'll find out.  It might be in eternity in the afterlife.  Speaking of the afterlife, I hope Rusty isn't there.  I hear dogs get their voices back in Heaven.  Oh, boy! Will there be dogs in heaven?  That's a topic for another day. ~JN

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