Friday, December 22, 2017

I'm Not Ordering Online

I'm not ordering anything online for Christmas.  I'm old, and that's how I roll.  I've ordered things online before it was popular, but that's before it was popular to steal packages from someone else's porch.  What's wrong with people?  You are stealing someone else's property, besides the trespassing thing. I read recently where someone stole a package from someone's porch that contained essential medicine costing $5,000 a bottle.  That's one reason I don't order something that doesn't fit into my mailbox.  It's convenient and sometimes cheaper, but I like to go shopping (hunting) for things and inspect them first before I buy them.  Anyway, Merry Christmas and shop locally.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

My First Star Wars Movie

I have gone to every Star Wars movie in the theater since the first one A New Hope, in 1977. I will probably go to The Last Jedi in the theater if it runs that long.  The CGI and special effects have come a long way since that first one.  I can't say that I'm a crazy Star Wars fan, even though I enjoy the science fiction aspect of the story lines.  It's been hard to wait 40 years to find out a few amazing facts such as "I am your father" or "the princess is your sister".  In the Last Jedi, we find out Luke actually dies, or ascends, or joins the Force, or some such thing.  I think the actors who launched Star Wars are getting tired of showing up every year for another episode.  They want to be written out of the scrip.  It seems as though there have been a bunch of new characters written into the last couple of episodes.  There's a new story line where we're not really sure who these people are.  With the death of Luke, will we old folks continue to show up at the next Star Wars episode?  That remains to be seen, but I will probably be there in the theater once again next time, in crutches and a wheel chair when the next movie comes along.  I'll probably be the oldest person in the theater.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

My Christmas Cold

It happens almost every year at this time.  I seem to get a Christmas cold.  Who knows why?  It might be that the house is closed up because of cold weather.  (It's also closed up in the summer.)  I'm shopping at department stores full of people. For whatever reason, I have the Christmas cold.  I'm not sick enough to stay home from work.  I can function at about 80%, but I'm just not quite up to speed and I'm not so happy about it, when I should be in a good mood at Christmas.  I have to take cold medicine at night to breath, but I wake up several times a night anyway.  So, I'm not sleeping like I normally do, which then starts the whole cycle of tiredness the next day.  I wish I could spend just one Christmas without coughing.  At least I'm developing amazing abs.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Snow or No Snow For Christmas

If we don't have snow for Christmas, some people say, "It's just not Christmas without snow". If you think about it, Christmas will come and go without snow just fine.  The idea, of course, has to do with the season of the year, and the part of the world where we live in Nebraska.  We often get snow this time of year.  Sometimes we get a blizzard.  I'm not a fan of blizzards, but a little snow would be fine with me.

My wish for Christmas this year is that there might be a little...emphasis on "little"...snow.  My reasons are selfish, I guess.  I have kids coming from Denver and California, and Omaha, so I wish the airways and roadways would be free of hazardous ice and snow, so they can easily make it here and back home safely.  Then, of course, my wish for Christmas is peace on earth and good will toward men.  God sent his Son to be the Savior of the world at Christmas time.  And that's the greatest gift of all.  Merry Christmas to you, and may your Christmas wishes come true.
--James Nickel

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